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One day I will go into more detail about finding out about my purpose here on this earth. What to do with “my one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver and grasshoppers, always nice to listen to

Let’s say I’m in the extreme fortunate position to be idle for a while, it’s been 6 months now. No work, no hassle of having to earn money, living off some savings and being reasonably frugal. Only a small voice in my head keeps asking when I will return to “Normal”. I’m still shutting that voice up on a daily basis, until one day it will stop asking. Then I create a new “Normal”. Of course I’m not living under a rock in the bush, so I’m in a lot of systems. But I’m starting to feel more detached from them, trying to observe emotions that come up and not let frustration creep in. Where awareness goes, energy flows.

I’ve been thinking about running, from a couch potato perspective. And just by going out and doing a little more each day, slowly it’s becoming a reality. After a few weeks on the interval training of the C25K (Couch to 5km App) I’m sort of starting to feel I can do jogging, I still wouldn’t call it running. There’s a lot of walking in between, mainly the uphill bits. The mindsets of Ultrarunners have always fascinated me. That’s where Rich Roll Podcasts come in, if you want to listen to some super interesting shit, go and look it up!

On my walk/slow jog today I listened to Rich Roll talking to David Goggins. My takeaway was to wonder about pain. Are you in enough pain yet to change something in your life? To go after something you really want. To face the pain to get there, that’s the real character building. To clean up your mind, to stop paying “rent” to some fucker who has taken up residence in your head, controlling your thoughts and actions. To find out who you really are. All of that takes effort, which will bring pain, embrace it and stick with it, the 2nd wind will come. And there will be doubters and critics, don’t let them take up residence, kick them out of your head real quick. What’s on the other side of that pain is extremely worth it. That’s what DG says, not me (yet).

So…. I started this blog after my jog. I ending up clocking 11km, and it wasn’t too painful.

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