Still easy… too easy?

For a modern couch potato there’s plenty of research to be found on the internet that keeps one from getting up. The laptop on my lap, in a comfortable reclined position, I read about the heartrate one should monitor. Google “Running heart rate” and read the myriad of articles about how dangerous it is to run out of the recommended range. I know I haven’t pushed hard yet but wonder if I even should. Maybe it’s not about the physical pain one feels in the chest and ignores due to a goal that needs to be met. Maybe it’s about the daily grind to put the shoes on, and in my case, to sort out the 10 year old who does not want to participate and bike alongside while I run. There’s always plenty of opportunities to hit the “Fuck it” button. I’m happy to report that I didn’t hit it today and the last few days. Maybe it’s a little unconventional to leave the child under a tree for 20 minutes with books and snacks by a reasonably populated beach and set the timer for 10 minutes as turnaround time. Come back, check the child, do it again. It’s the middle of the day and it’s hot but not as hot as most of the Ultrarunners run in “Bake-your-skin-to-the-road-if-you-fall” land.

And the 2nd time around feels a lot faster, lighter, smoother. Finding out about personal warm up distance, which seems to be around the 6-7km mark.

This is a big deal for me. I was never able to run after a bus until a few years back when I really decided to work on my stamina. It was satisfying to know I could put on a short sprint. There are not many buses where I live. The sprintability came in handy when I looked at the wrong travel times once and had to really bolt to the opposite terminal. The child was 8 then and enjoyed running albeit with a worried look on his face.

“So what” you might think, but this is a my lippy dialog, and you are free to go away.

Swimming in open water is the next thing I am tackling. A few unused pool concession cards later I’m realising that I live in a paradise with a clear lake, so instead of pool entries I might invest in a full wetsuit.

To be continued…

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