What’s in it for me…


What’s in it for me…

My move into a tiny house was one of the best decisions I made in my life so far. Right up there with quitting smoking before my 30th birthday. Initially it was my only solution to not being able to find a house to rent. I live in a holiday destination and lifestyle village, the prices for renting and buying property are massive compared to what one can earn, especially in the biggest industry, hospitality. When my money worries went away, my desire to live life more meaningful and aware grew stronger.

Living offgrid also saved on powerbills, none of that. The next thing was the food bill. I stopped going to the supermarket where the majority of items sold hardly classify as food anyway. I came across Chef AJ, a plant based wholefood genius! She introduced me to a way of eating that somehow has given me lots of energy. The body weight I didn’t need was gone by month 3 and now I’m left with a calm and stable brain, a big help when trying to find my purpose. It’s a joy to discover how capable my body is, the amazing Serotonin hits I get from moving outside are better than any junk food quick fix. Sometimes I feel my purpose is to move that body of mine, to have fun in it and with it and just live life fully.

All my decisions are based on my personal benefits, even now that I start to think a lot about what the world is getting out of me. How good a friend/sister/mother/daughter/soul(heart)mate am I? Am I supporting people around me enough to let them be their best? Is society unkind and disconnected from each other because everybody is busy with money worries and frustrations?

Because when the people around me are living their life fully, the world will be a better place with all our combined raised energy. I think we get there slowly but surely.





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