We are one

I listened to a Rich Roll inverview with Zach Bush. Here is a short extract, the best 10 minute monologue I heard in a long time and one I go back to often.

Since first listening to it, I feel wrapped in a blanket of calmness. A calm and stable brain has been the side effect of eating whole plant based foods. This is deeper. People stepping through the veil of death feeling total love and acceptance has me feeling love and acceptance from myself for myself. From that place within me I will be able to emit it out to the world around me. Not “I will” as an action. More like the action of staying present, not running away with thoughts and feelings concerning my daily life. Stepping back and observing. Smiling, making eye contact, appreciating everyones circumstances. Most of them I won’t be able to really understand as we all have our own experiences.

Maybe acceptance can be the first step. Love can then be, instead of by act of willing, like something that flows all around us and we tap into it. It doesn’t feel as if there is a shortage when we are with people we love. To extend the love is to accept that we are are part of the one unknown.

There is a lot we don’t know. Accept and learn, that is maybe what Albert Einstein thought too.

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