Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot

In 1990 Carl Sagan asked NASA to turn the Voyager camera around and take a picture of our earth. From some incredible big distance, our home looks like a speck of dust in a vast lonely space of emptiness. Some years later we know a few more things about space, how to leave earth’s atmosphere fast and efficient, putting a red sportscar on a trip to Mars etc.

I am looking at everything I know on this pale blue dot. The vastness of the space around the dot leaves room to imagine, what else might there be. The recent dark matter findings or lack of it in an observed galaxy show there’s so many puzzles. For me science is complementary to wonder and imagination. I would also say that science benefits from it. A good documentary on this is “The Most Unknown”. It follows scientists in their chosen field talk about the things they don’t know and how it spurs them on to find answers.

Sometimes I find it hard to imagine the unimaginable. Increasing knowledge is helpful to show me how awesome humans are, how impossible the chance of me being here now. And here I am, looking at the pale blue dot I with me on it. Like I am looking out the window from the 13th floor, at myself walking down the street . What I don’t know down there and how it changes when I zoom out. It’s pretty exciting to ponder what I will be looking at in a few more years with more knowledge. It also opens up the Unknown to imagine more than we know and then more again.

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