On stepping out(side)

Do you need to step out?

When we think about how we spend our days and years and ultimately life, and it’s just not cutting it. When there’s a deep longing for a change. Maybe a glimpse of something inside, a flicker of an idea of how the world could be a better place and how to do it. I hope we can sit still and let our breath lead us to the awareness of what we really want and how we want to contribute.

I have met amazing people who have shown that thinking outside the box can make real change, not just in their own life but in the community around them. Some of these people have had incredible road blocks. Mainly in the form of others saying “It can’t be done” or worse badmouthing and even personal attacks.

Going back through my own memories of crazy harebrained (which puts rabbits in a bad light) ideas, I have to admit that there were people influencing me, by non-support or sometimes open critique and ridicule. And that stopped me in my tracks. Now I wonder if it was a good thing not to have gone further starting a tourism magazine in the year 2000, but on the other hand, I could have invented TripAdvisor before someone else did.

The amazing potential in every human seems so wasted in daily processes. Mainly the need to earn money. We pay for the transport to get us to the work we don’t really enjoy. We also buy food & beverages that make us addicted and sick, like the overprocessed majority of stuff in supermarkets. Huge mortgages for houses that are too big so we stuff them full of things we think we need. What if our work can give us all these basic things but in a job that’s truly contributing to the wellbeing of all. Think outside the box what that could be for you.

One can step out in so many ways if one wants to. And it’s not an all-or-nothing stepping out. Small things can make us feel free from the system. Like using the bicycle to get to work or the shops. Feeling the wind on the face and breathing the fresh air. Try it.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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