Conversations vs Dialogs (or Dialogues)

I’m just going to stick with the easy spelling on the “dialog”, not the “computer dialog box” meaning that pops up when researching. There’s surely a few people who might think the spelling of this blog title is the evil work of an ignorant rambler. But they might not have started reading this blog….

For me it’s not dialogue vs dialog, which is just logistics. For me it’s conversation vs dialog. It sounds different to the “Let’s have a conversation”. A dialogue is scripted, some say. It’s only between 2 people, others say (going back to “dia” vs many). A real good conversation is a 2 way thing for me in any case, a give and take which makes 2 humans just the perfect ingredients. Diablo goes back to 2 as well? The devil can be in the detail…. sometimes.

A great dialog leaves me feeling alive, like a swim in the cold mountain lake of my home town. I feel the other human has also experienced a meshing of energies. The connection is more than skindeep. Not just from heartfealt advertising clips, we know we all have something in common with our fellow humans. It’s about looking for it, and finding out what we share is so invigorating. I’m lucky I’ve met people in settings outside their label and capacity. The real person shining through with their weaknesses and human messy things and being grateful for everything that shaped them. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

2 thoughts on “Conversations vs Dialogs (or Dialogues)

  1. For me, dialogs and conversations show an interest in others and show humility that there are views, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs other than our own. I find myself tuning out from the noise of the world because it sounds so much like position statements and refusal to think others may have valid views — or at least something to learn from. Another person’s view may be different from mine, but that does not make it less right. Learning and connecting is the gift of a good dialog for me.


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