Being Grateful

Real life conversations are one of my favourite things. To hear and understand what makes people tick and how a life is lived. Every encounter lets me look at my own life. In the past I probably compared my life to other’s lives and judged it in a way that made a stand. “I would never be able to do that” kind of thinking. But now I seem to be able to let it sink in how deeply happy I am with myself and my life as it is and what the future holds.

Everything that happened so far has taught me something, some things are still teaching me now as I’m feeling an unresolved item come up. Like the disconnect in our society and the addiction it’s causing. Addiction to technology & entertainment to escape dullness, hyperpalatable processed food that’s poisoning us, alcohol to relax us, drugs to excite us. Even to be grateful for these things is a start to think deeper, and deep thinking is certainly a great tool to introduce change. Stephen Guise has written an excellent post about deep thinking, check him out.

The choices I made in my life so far have undergone a great deal of deep thinking. Maybe I even had some deep thoughts about other people’s choices, which was less effective.

My one-on-one dialog with a fellow thinker would probably go like this:

I needed to be there at that point in time so I can be here now the way I am. But need inplies an urge so lets call it just “was” as a time in history. As a human being I have the brain capacity to look back and even better, apply it to now and future. We can all look at what shaped us, it’s great fun and also more beneficial than watching TV and consuming entertainment etc. It will give us a competitive advantage. One we can share with the others who sat on the couch that time and now got off and ask: What happened, where was I?

That was me at some point and can easily be me in a few months or years. It’s good to change a little bit each day, on this planet while we have our human experience.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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