Love as a state

My attitude to Love has shifted in the last few years. Why I thought love is like in Hollywood movies is another story. It’s hard to say what was wrong with my attitude to love but what’s easy to say is that now it’s …. easy.

Maybe it’s the regular Yoga practice that helped me come into stillness. In my stillness I strip away all labels and just am. This is how I experience the state of Love: Like moving outside in nature. When I’m walking and I notice birds, wind, sunshine, rain, clouds, light. When the amazing human body we all have, is exposed to nature and performs so well. It takes time to build a muscle so maybe it takes time to learn to be still and in awe of it all.

I can feel a source of Love bubbling out of me, unstoppable. Internal and eternal. Which makes me think about the connections we have to others, how connected our consciousness is. Or uncanny events, synchronicity as if sometimes with a little twinkle the universe shows itself.

Moving my body and speaking my truth is what this blog is about. Lately the moving has consisted of regular walks on the local Mt Iron. A 250 meter rise and a nice uphill section, on top magic views around my home area. Out on the local track Deans Bank with varied terrain to play on my beloved mountainbike. Lake swimming with my 10 year old son coming along in the kayak. We chat lots so I do more breast and backstroke than freestyle. Thinking about these activities alone puts me in a state of Love.

Yoga has been on my daily activity list without much thought, planning, reminders needed or feelings of obligation. After a year of regular practice with an awesome teacher it all starts to make sense: the lines of energy in our body, the breathing, the beauty of the stillness inside, and Love. I’m preparing for a 3 week 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in mid March. Maybe I can be a teacher … the immersion into stillness and movement will be great.

The Love inside me can now shine out to the world. And it’s easy.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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