On Consistency and Stagnation

Travelling gives opportunity to escape routines. My routine at home was loose anyway, going with the flow of my son’s school days, a few appointments here and there, catchups with friends and classes available at my yoga studio. For the last year I have not worked in the traditional sense of having a job, office, schedule and it has been fun. Now that I’m living out of a suitcase for 2 months and sleep in different places every 3-4 nights, I like the idea of a routine I intend to develop when I return to my normal way of life at home. Maybe people who know me will disagree with me being normal: I live in a Tiny House offgrid. I walked away from a business and a surefire way to earn a good salary. I’m drifting careerwise, I can’t see myself ever working in a corporate professional way again, but who knows. I wonder what to do other than yoga and talking about sustainability.

I like to think I am normal in the way that humans work on themselves to become a better versions. It might mean I embrace the pain of getting off the couch and start moving. Or it could mean I think about the impact I’m having as a human being. Impact on the planet and the environment, impact on my loved ones, on my friends and on shop assistants. It might be uncomfortable trying to grasp the enormity of the impact the human race has on the planet, but it’s also something that can be tackled by concerted and consistent actions. We humans need to get this massive project sorted to save our way of living and preserve what’s good for generations to come. It starts with consistency in our thinking. It doesn’t mean that there is not good in everything consistent, there’s also people who are consistently being assholes.

I’ve been wrong fearing stagnation in consistency. Maybe it’s a language thing for me, somehow being inconsistent had a cool ring, maybe I confused it with being spontaneous. Reading or listening to people’s personal routines and what they do to push themselves and move towards goals has turned on some lights for me. Consistency in a mindful and aware way is the opposite of stagnation. It’s needed for writing. It’s needed for thinking about growing as a person.

So maybe that is why I haven’t written about my ponderings for a while, I fear consistency? But while I’m travelling with my 10 year old son for 2 months spending time with family and friends in Germany and the USA I’m still being consistent about my inner state of calm, my choice of foods because I know the effects when I don’t eat plant based and whole foods. My consistent tapping into my internal source of Love for the time we’re spending together, for the opportunity to see different cultures and communities, for the memories of special people and moments back home. Love as a state can easily be maintained outside a routine.

Seeing other people’s consistency in their life is fascinating to me, most of us are really trying our best to become better versions of ourselves. Maybe if we detect stagnation in others we can gently ask questions about goals and dreams. The best thing seems to be encouraging and supporting to avoid stagnation. Maybe throw a little spontaneity into the consistency, just for fun 🙂

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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