Selfish, Selfless and truths in between

The 200 hour yoga training I did in March this year introduced me to non-duality. Simply said: everything is, as in there’s only one and not two. Two creates opposites, like good or bad. Every day I’m trying to detach a bit more from forming dualistic opinions because they usually are based on thoughts coming from the ego and our own personal truth. What helps me is the realisation that every fact has numerous truths and also that every truth has numerous facts. It gets easier to zoom out and become aware of facts without personal truths and so things become “Interesting”.

When we are selfish we have a hard time seeing the other’s truths because we are not that person. When we are selfless we are putting aside our self that forms opinions. Sometimes we are putting ourselves aside completely, it’s easy to do in today’s society with daily obstacles to negotiate like work, children, school runs, meals, mortgages, commuting, wellbeing, leisure time etc. We sometimes “do” self-care and measure, how far we have come, how much weight we have lost, how much better we got at something.

When we measure ourselves against anything we are finding facts to align to our truths. Today we did so much better than the coworker who did not take the elevator and ate fast food for lunch. Our truth is that we “know” what’s healthy. We know our identity within our cultural boundaries. We tend to measure against other’s achievements, body composition, capability, success, character, and numerous other factors when it’s easier to measure our own growth. The veil of personal comparison can be so thin that it’s barely noticeable. We might think we don’t measure up when things happen that don’t fit into our personal truth. Once we realise the veil is non-existent we have stepped a little bit closer to personal freedom that is personal growth. To speak our truth based on our own observed essence with ego stripped away. The more I let my ego and my identity fall away, the more I feel at home in myself. I am not selfish or selfless, I just am.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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