Rubbish and Responsibility

Reading about the storm that uncovered a sealed up landfill site, blowing rubbish from 50 years ago across a riverbed on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Pondering if the volunteers were to take photos of the packaging that shows up and constantly fed it into Social Media. Would companies involved take some responsibility for their product desintegrating in volunteers hands and poisoning the land, river and ocean?

I can’t help but wonder about back then when products and packaging were designed, then sold by corporates and there was likely never a thought about the impact on the local communities who have to deal with the rubbish. These corporates made and are still making incredible amounts of money, their CEO’s earning in a year what a small school could pay for more teachers to make class sizes smaller and educate about environment and stewardship.

Did the corporates collaborate with councils who are in charge of creating places to safely dispose of rubbish? Or was it more like “Let’s not talk about the end of life impacts of our products”? City services are dating back to ancient civilizations, to keep streets clear and clean, more or less.

Millions are being spent on advertising to sell single-use items that have nowhere to go but the landfill or the ocean. The advertising budget for alcohol alone would be incredibly helpful in designing products that do not in ANY way compromise land, water, animals and communities. The world is full of highly skilled people with a great talent for problem solving who are wasting away in jobs with a purpose that doesn’t help the human race advance through the climate crisis we face.

It can start with us, the consumer to make better choices but businesses and councils have responsibility in this too. Yes, there will be costs, there will be hardships, there will be suffering. And I’m not saying that as in someone else’s life, it will affect me and my family. And I’m trying to prepare for it without fear and panic.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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