Winter bugs, self-care of thoughts

It’s spring in New Zealand, the blossom trees are full of pink and white flowers. Together with yellow and creamy white daffodils and the birds chirping it’s a reminder of new things to come. When I’m outside in the sunshine and I move my body I feel part of something bigger coming to life.

I have not had the autumn and early winter to acclimatise to winter, we visited family in Europe and America and enjoyed a long, hot summer. So coming into the end of winter in New Zealand, we got a bit hammered with bugs, a persistent cold with coughing, sneezing that makes my tiny house shake, and runny noses. Low appetites and motivation, disrupted sleep.

It’s been good for me to be able to relax and more importantly, to accept that my body needs rest and nourishment. Sleep, slow movement, healthy food, plenty of fluids but mainly self-care in the form of kindness to myself.

Not being annoyed at my sneezing and sniffling, feeling when to back off in a yoga session, not getting upset when others wonder why I’m getting sick when I’m eating and living so healthily. Maybe the last one is most important in times when our bodies are not the normal regulated comfortable skin we’re in. I normally feel really good in my body, seldom any aches and pains, I know what to eat and how to move to feel at peak. Because I’ve felt it before, when everything is flowing, the movement of body and soul is in harmony. When this balance is out, I’m much more receptive to other’s opinions and attitudes, and I start second-guessing and judging myself. That I’m weak and unfocused, irrational and crazy, it can really cascade and get out of hand quickly. I end up in a dark night of the soul.

So I’ve plastered my bathroom mirror with reminders: Don’t believe everything you think. Let go of the outcome. Remember to play, dance, sing.

Reading more of my favourite inspirational blogs, I think of kindness and write. All this helps me to maintain a calm and stable brain. I eat more greens and fresh food, I drink more herbal tea.

Maybe when you’re coming across someone who is ill or not at their peak, hold back speculations about the reason why they’re ill. Maybe offer a gem you might have to help healing, like your grandmothers hot toddy recipe.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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