Without, within and ditching sugar

I’m going to go without sugar, again. It has crept into my food choices, from a sorbet on a warm day to more honey and date paste in the baking and a few bits of dark chocolate here and there. I’ve come to rely on these outside stimulants and it’s now tied to “treating myself”. It’s also distracting me from going within, so I will stop and listen to the cravings and feeling peckish, the longing for sweet stuff.

I know that better focus and feeling less sluggish is well within my grasp when I go without sugar, it takes a few days to get off the sweet taste and then a handful of frozen blueberries are sweet to the point of not missing sugar at all. The trick for me is to ditch what got me into trouble in the first place, Soy Chai Lattes. There’s sugarfree chai available but mimicking the sweetness kept me hooked.

Without is the opposite of within, it’s just not used very often. It’s also the opposite of With, as in have vs not have.

Being grateful for what I have and not worry about what I don’t have, that seems to work to be in the moment, to go within.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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