Day 1 of a writing course

Last year I came across Henri Junttila, author of “Find Your Passion, 25 questions you must ask yourself”. The book resonated with me so much, I signed up to his newsletters on Long story short, I keep feeling drawn to what Henri is saying and now I’m doing a course with him on writing articles. His calm and relaxing mannerism and voice is helpful for my learning style. The course comes with a workbook and today’s task was to ask what I’m afraid of when it comes to writing. And no surprises, here comes the list of my fears, I wonder if others relate to some points:

·      Being judged, criticised, ridiculed, looking like an idiot

·      Being confrontational, unkind, accusing

·      Being caught out, proven wrong, eg not walking the talk

·      Writing shit stuff

·      Failing of words for big & enormous feelings/emotions/experiences

·      Copying someone, being inauthentic

·      Getting hooked on a self-indulgent pleasure and unable to focus on proper life issues

·      Overcoming procrastination

·      It gets too hard and I can’t keep showing up

·      No one cares

Did I just purge my system of a few of these? The next task was to wonder if these fears have been holding me back and how. I came up with a much smaller list. I wonder if I purged too much.

·      Not committed to the novel I started in 2016, despite the idea still alive and kicking in my head (ouch)

·      Not committed to the blog (not this blog, the other one!)

·      Romanticising writing but feeling resentment towards other’s hard work

·      Reroute creativity, drama, emotions into fictitious relationships (long story)

Not wanting to dwell too long in the past, I did put the workbook down for the day and got some fresh air. It’s amazing how wind rattles me out of my head, spring in New Zealand has some extraordinary windy days and today was a good one. Just these 2 questions gave me lots to work with. Suddenly the fears don’t seem so scary anymore.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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