How to start running

Sometimes life is really hard. Everything is so complicated and handling the day-to-day things can really wear one down. Earning a living, cleaning the house, cooking and providing, socialising, maintaining treasured accomplishments such as status symbols and adult toys. Not the kinky kind but the “put it on the mortgage” kind of toys like mountainbikes, boats, ski gear, german cars etc.

Now I realise that when life felt hard in the past, I didn’t move my body enough. Didn’t get much fresh air. Didn’t get to experience what it’s like to have an amazing and functioning body. Even though I feel heavy and bloated sometimes, the body is still very usable for other things than getting from the couch to the fridge.

I’ve built up a bit of a regime now that suits me perfectly. Every day it puts me in a good place to deal with the curveballs. Or maybe it’s that I’m not planning very much anymore so I don’t encounter many curveballs, just life happening. It’s glorious, hilarious and amazingly easy. Especially after I moved the body in the fresh air.

I’m not suggesting to quit the job, sell the house, go raw vegan and forgo the toys. I suggest to find something that gets you out into the fresh air EVERY day. To move the body and feel alive. That alone is a type of meditation that comes highly endorsed by enlightened gurus, to be mindful and aware of the joy inside you. Running does it for me. Sometimes it’s walking. Sometimes it’s Yoga.

I started by putting my shoes on and going outside. I also installed an app called Couch to 25K (C25k – not 25 km). That helped me build up to the 5k I’m doing now at least 4 times per week. I was inspired by David Goggings who was on the Rich Roll podcast, and it’s not that I relate to him because he drops the F-bomb lots. He has a way of showing that staying hard means to stay accountable to yourself without punishing yourself, to stay still full of self-acceptance. In today’s world that’s a tricky line to toe because we seem to have lost a bit of common sense.

So, what do you need to do to start running? Or doing Yoga? Or meditating? If you want an accountability buddy, email me or find someone who struggles just like the rest of us.

Published by Anja O'Connor

Small business & system sympathiser, healthy business advocate.

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