More About Me and what I do

Questioning the systems of modern society

Sometimes you might feel like me, wondering and pondering. I discovered, it’s better to go for a walk with my dog.

I would like to be the following person:

Finding out about the world and people. Reading and listening with an open mind. Trying to understand the story behind whats happening. Trying to see from different perspectives. Get out of the system for a while, step back and wonder. Enjoy the spectacle while being in the flow of life.

Sometimes, I’m more like this:

WTF, this system is so broken. The health system, the tax system, the property system, the school system, the food system, the transport system etc. It’s frustrating and infuriating and the climate is in crisis and the planet is being destroyed and humans are totally f…….. Hold on, deep breath, calm down.

My goal is to be less of the WTF and more of the Wondering With Kindness. Love shining the way, finally ancient wisdom is backed up by modern science.

I like to think a lippy woman has something to say, to contribute or to start a conversation. Maybe to ask uncomfortable questions, maybe dealing with her own uncomfortable beliefs. Encouraging others to do the same. To have real conversations with real people about real topics that really matter to humanity. Then we realise that most people struggle just the same with issues such as ego, limiting beliefs, self hate, guilt and shame.

The trolls and haters will find this intriguing, so I start right here not giving a shit. You can get in touch via Facebook on the Home Page or sign up for irregular email notifications when there’s new blog posts.

Please get in touch if you like to contribute to the conversation or just to tell me where you’re at in life.


I was born in Germany in the nineteen-seventies and after dealing with a few of life’s curveballs there, I packed my bags and went backpacking around New Zealand where I got stuck. It was a blast, living carefree without a fixed abode and trying new jobs, learning english, making new friends, finding my feet in a new world. Like a young person should. The need to support myself finally made me go back to accounting and after a few years in employment and owing a business I decided to downgrade my financial needs and upgrade my free time.

In the past I felt somehow guilty for not doing enough for the environment, especially coming from a well-advanced environmentally minded country like Germany. Having been labelled “hyporatic” didn’t help, it made me shrink and not talk about the desire to be part of the change. Now I try to ignore labels and instead shrink my own impact on the planet with daily conscious decisions about the resources I’m using. I believe small things count and I encourage small actions by others. I think we are all trying our best with what we’ve got. Naive you say… so what??!

I live in a small village on the bottom of the South Island in the Pacific Ocean and choose my exposure to world events and people carefully. The differences between us humans are being highlighted by the media in the worst way like fearmongering and scare tactics. Personally, I like to concentrate on what brings us together, the things we have in common, our dreams, hopes and responsibility.

I’m still finding my voice to tell my own story as it continues and setting up this page and blog is something I started before I felt ready. I could wait until I feel ready, at the risk of never starting. If you are feeling you want to start something but don’t know where and how, get in touch. I would love to be a part of finding out for yourself what you can sustain, for you personally, your family, your finances and the needs of the world around you.

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